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  • Why does my X-RIP installer hang when installing it under tiger(Mac OS X 10.4.x)?

    Please make sure you are using version 1.6.4 rev 2 (tiger installer). Please contact Microspot Technical support for more information.

    When I print using X-RIP, the file prints but is not deleted from the queue and no further prints can be made?

    Make sure you have done a full, Easy Install of the Mac OS X.(Not a custom install)

    I have upgraded from Microspot X-RIP 1.5 to 1.6 but I cannot see any of the new features, what can I do?

    Delete all plotters that have been added in the Print Center utility. Then run the X-RIP un-installer provided in the Extras folder on your Microspot X-RIP CD. Now re-install Microspot X-RIP 1.6 and add your plotters again.

    My Macintosh does not have multiple processors, will it work with X-RIP?

    Yes. X-RIP will work with both single and dual processor Macintosh computers. Where available X-RIP will take full advantage of dual processors to provide a significant performance improvement.

    Does X-RIP support printing to file?

    Yes. Our Virtual Printer technology enables you to output your prints to file. The files are raw printer commands and are suitable for sending to a print bureau for printing. The output files are also compatible with Microspot Print Sender.

    Does X-RIP support network printing?

    Yes. In versions 1.5 and above via TCP/IP

    Can I share a printer between two or more X-RIP users?

    Yes, using Apple's printer sharing in OS 10.2 or higher.

    Can I uninstall Microspot X-RIP?

    Yes, using the uninstaller in the extras folder on the X-RIP CD.


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    System Requirements:

    Operating System:

    Macintosh OS X 10.2 or higher


    Power Mac G3 with 450MHz or higher

    Memory (RAM):

    128 MB

    Free hard disk space:

    520 MB

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