Microspot releases 3D Toolbox for Apple Macintosh Computers.  A free, easy to use, 3D application for editing and printing 3DS and Google SketchUp models which can be upgraded to include rendering, animation and modeling by adding low cost plug-in packs .

4th June 2008 - Maidstone Kent. Today Microspot Ltd. developers of 2D and 3D graphics and photo applications, announced the release of Microspot 3D Toolbox  a unique “build your own” 3D application which may be expanded into an advanced modeling, rendering and animation package.  The free download enables you to Import 3DS and Google SketchUp models into the application, add a background and base plate and then position, resize and do simple editing on the scene ready for  viewing and printing.  It may be downloaded from

The 3D Toolbox is a small application with some basic plug-ins  and for a very small fee $15.00 (£9.00/ €12.00) you can upgrade it to enable high resolution exporting in any QuickTime translatable picture format and saving in 3DMF.  You also receive free the Library pack so you can drag models in to save them and drag them out to re-use them in other scenes.  Once you have upgraded you can purchase other low cost plug-in packs to expand the functionality  to include modeling, rendering and animation but you do not have to buy the packs in any order .  Just purchase the one you need and upgrade your product by dragging the plug-ins into the upgrade folder.  This way you do not pay for many unnecessary features.  Microspot also intends to release other plug-in packs in future months to add further functionality.

The plug-in packs available now are as follows.
Light and Render Pack.  $39.00(£25.00/€32.00)
Add and adjust point lights, spot lights, sun and ambient brightness and choose from three different renderers including a raytrace renderer.
Texture Pack. $29.00(£17.50/€23.00)
Add textures to items or surfaces then adjust the size position and rotation of the texture.  Move attributes from one object to another.
Camera and Alignment Pack. $29.00(£17.50/€23.00)
Contains 4 palettes for aligning objects, aligning the camera, nudging objects into place and switching on and off the cursor options.
Animation Pack.  $39.00(£25.00/€32.00)
All you need to set up the tweens for your animations and export them to a QuickTime movie.  You can animate the camera, objects and lights including the sun and ambient brightness.  You may need the light and render pack for best results.
Basic Modeler Pack. $29.00(£17.50/€23.00)
Consists of 8 Tools for modeling primitive shapes:- cube, sphere, cone, pyramid, regular polygon, cylinder, irregular polygon and torus.
Advaned Modeler Pack 1. $29.00(£17.50/€23.00)
This pack comes with a palette to control Boolean operations and tools for edit path of an object, edit vertex, a shear tool and  a 3D text tool.
Advaned Modeler Pack 2  $29.00(£17.50/€23.00)
Comprises a lathe tool and a palette to adjust the section of lathed and other objects and a pipe drawing tool.
Wall Tools Pack. $39.00(£25.00/€32.00)
Wall drawing tools, menu items for adding floors and ceilings and a palette for tagging objects that are to be doors and windows so they fit themselves into walls.  There is also a palette for the precise positioning of windows and doors.

Microspot 3D Toolbox and plug-in packs are available from the Microspot web sites.  For more information or to buy go to the Microspot web site in the USA or in Europe

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4. or above.  Macintosh with G5 or Intel processor with 1GB RAM and 80MB free disk space.


About Microspot.   

Founded in 1964, Microspot develops and markets applications for 3D modeling and animation, interior design, 2D drawing and drafting, image editing, and media management as well as printer drivers.

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Worldwide Headquarters: Microspot Limited, Concorde House, 10-12 London Road, Maidstone, Kent ME16 8QA, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1622 687771; Fax +44 (0) 1622 690801; Email:

Enquiries about this press release or requests for review software should be made to:

Robert Coulling
Microspot Limited
+44 (0) 1622-687771

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