2D CAD & Illustration...

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MacDraft Professional:

Powerful 2D design, drafting, technical illustration and Atchitectural drawing in one easy-to-use, affordable package. Designed for CAD users of all levels, Microspot MacDraft Professional offers a full complement of drawing tools as well as both ANSI and international standard dimensioning capabilities. Its multilayered, scaled drawing environment supports both feet/inches and metric dimensions. . .

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MacDraft Personal Edition:

MacDraft PE offers an easy-to-use graphic design solution to rival other vector-based design tools on the market. Whether you are using it for the home, business or as an educational tool, MacDraft PE can help you to create floorplans, make technical diagrams, design gardens, illustrate flowcharts, technical illustrations, brochures & newsletters, draw buildings and objects to scale and create or enhance vector artwork effortlessly. . .

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DWG Viewer:

View, print and annotate AutoCAD DWG files produced on a PC on your Apple Macintosh Computer, bridging the gap between the PC and and the Mac. You can save your annotated files as a PDF which can then be viewed by anyone else, even those who don't have access to technical drawing software. DWG Viewer is an advanced utility with a simple and easy to learn environment, making it the prime solution for viewing DWG files on your mac.

Additional 2D Library Packs (Mac OSX only)

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Seasonal Graphics Clipart - Halloween:

The Seasonal graphics library is the perfect resource for all the clip art graphic content you need to create your cards, posters, invitations and personal documents during those key periods of the year. What's more is that the library is continuously being updated with new content as the seasonal periods arrive. Version 1 of the library included over 120 items. We have updated the library with more items including Valentines day, Mothers day, Lent, Chinese New Year, Patron Saints and halloween and yes the updates are FREE. Simply that means the Seasonal Library now contains over 500 items for all your seasonal needs.

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Home Plan Graphics:

Containing over 400 items for use in Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms and more. In addition you'll find a selection of over 60 seamless patterns for use as flooring, surfaces and more, as well as staircases in various styles. Bring your drawings to life and create vibrant colorful layouts with the Home Plan Graphics. You’ll be able to design inspired interior layouts, CAD plans more easily, by incorporating these graphic symbols into your documents. Also the the graphics are vector drawn and fully scalable, giving your plans a more precise feel and giving you the confidence to print at the same quality, whatever the scale.

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Plan, Sectional & Elevation Components:

Includes over 300 commonly used drag & drop parts for drawing new homes or remodeling projects. These libraries are designed to use while drawing a home or addition plan. When building a plan you normally work using different layers, floor plans, sectional views, foundation and elevations. With these libraries you will have just what you need right there when you need it and they can be edited to suit your layout.

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Complete Home Additions Plans:

Includes over 200 complete additions plans available in 6,8,10 and 12 roof pitch. These drag & drop libraries come ready for permitting, each will include a floor plan, foundation plan, sectional view and 3 elevations. Addition plans can be modified to meet your needs and each plan alone is worth $150 and can be ready for permitting in minutes.

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Common Home Design Libraries:

Includes over 160 commonly used parts for drawing new homes or remodeling projects. These libraries consists of common items that are time consuming and repetitive to draw. They are designed to drag & drop onto your drawings and can be ungrouped and modified easily if needed. The libraries include items for for use with desks, porches stairs, gable elevations and more.

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Complete Sectional & Elevation Drawings:

Includes over 50 complete Sectional View (cross sections) drawings. Sectional views are one of the most time consuming plans to draw. Designed by a professional Home Building Designer these 50 Sectional view plans will cover almost any project you are working on. They can be used as is or can easily be modified for your particular plan.  Also included are gable elevation drawings to help you create an Elevated view fast and easy.

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Symbol Libraries (MAC):

Over 2000 commonly used , professionally drawn vector based symbols for MacDraft. The symbols libraries pack contains the Architectural Libraries, Electronic Schematic libraries and a small selection of graphic items (as shown below), giving you all the drawing components you will need, consequently speeding up the design process and making MacDraft easier to use. You can also save 10% when this product is purchased alongside Microspot MacDraft. . .

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Safety Signs Library Pack:

The Microspot Safety Signs library includes over 750 unique items ranging from Hazard & Danger signs to
General Notices, each of which are fully scalable, vector drawn graphics making them completely editable allowing
you to add your own personal touch. All of the signs have been drawn to conform with the HSSA style standards and
the ANSI layout specifications. Available in 3 different formats being Microspot MacDraft Library,
Adobe Illustrator and PDF . . .

3D Interior Design & Modelling...

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Interiors Professional:

Take 3D interior design and 3D modelling to a whole new level with Interiors Pro. Quickly and easily put together your designs. With the host of modelling tools you will have the flexibility you need to be truly creative without the computer slowing you down. By providing Interior space and modelling space in the same application with a shared furniture library Interiors Pro gives professionals the ideal environment for interior design and professional 3D modelling. . .

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Create and visualize your own Interior Designs and Animations on the mac. Import 3ds and SketchUp files and export your animations as Quicktime movie files.

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3D Toolbox:

Build your own 3D software! Here's a new concept, buy the tools (plugins) you need to create a customized selection and best of all the base application is FREE!

Digital Imaging & Large Format Printer Drivers...

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Photo Tools:

The iPhoto compatible solution with a complete package for organizing, storing, editing and printing your digital images. Includes PhotoXtra, PhotoFix & PrintmiX.

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Microspot X-RIP is a professional Mac OS X printer driver. Native to OS X, Microspot X-RIP provides professional looking output on a wide range of large format printers.

Windows Products...

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PC Draft:

Powerful 2D design, drafting and technical illustration in one easy-to-use, affordable package.

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PC Draft PE:

Produce home or garden designs, maps, floor plans, geometric shapes, technical diagrams, office charts, and more.

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Symbol Libraries (PC):

2000 commonly used symbols for PC Draft. Save 10% when this product is purchased with Microspot PC Draft

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