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Microspot Interiors is upgraded to version 4.0 in Universal Binary format with new improved user interface.

23rd April 2007- Maidstone Kent. Today Microspot Ltd. developers of 2D and 3D graphics and photo applications, announced the release of the new Universal version of Microspot Interiors, a high quality low cost  3D interior design tool for Mac OSX.  Because of it's intuitive user interface and the ability to use almost any image file as a texture it is popular with both home users and professional interior designers.   Microspot Interiors allows you to draw your room outline to scale with easy to use wall drawing tools then drop in furniture items to try different layouts.  There are over 1500 items in the library supplied with Interiors all of which can be easily edited by the user.  They can be  resized, have their colors and textures altered to suit your room and then dragged back into your own library for future use.  Microspot also publishes a new free library every month for existing users from their download site where you can also make requests of which libraries you would like to see added and request new features.  You can also import 3DS files which gives you access to almost unlimited numbers of objects.  Rooms can be viewed in plan or perspective at any angle and in multiple windows at the same time.  When the design is complete, lighting can be added to give mood to the room and it can be rendered with smooth edges and real shadows for photographic realism.  The completed design can be printed or exported in many different picture formats at customizable resolution for use in other documents.  Fully rendered animations can also be made with animated paths, animated objects and lighting.  These are saved as movies and can be played on any computer with QuickTime.

This new version is now easier to use thanks to a major redesign of the user interface.  The Tool Palette has been redesigned and is much larger and clearer and a customizable tool bar has been added to the window for easier access to many menu items.  Most of the palettes have been grouped together into an Inspector which makes them much easier to locate and keeps them organized.  A full implementation of English Units has been added with fractional inches.  The application has been optimized for faster interactive rendering and the Microspot Renderer and Preview Renderere now make use of multiple processors for faster high quality rendering when dual core or multiprocessors are present.  The Library Palette has been redesigned and now has variable sized previews with dynamic dropping of objects to show them in 3D in their position and attitude in the scene.  This also includes windows and doors which automatically locate themselves in the wall and cut holes where needed.  On the CD there is now a new manual and there are  tutorial videos on our web site to help users learn the product.  Microspot Interiors can also be purchased as a bundle with the Microspot Modeler which is a simple companion product for users to make their own furniture items.

Microspot Interiors is now on sale in the Apple Retail stores worldwide and from other resellers.  For more information or to try the demonstration version go to the Microspot web sites in the US or in Europe .  Microspot Interiors has a retail price of $129.00 (£79.00 or €119.00) Existing users may upgrade for US$ 49.00 (£29.00 or €39.00) at the Microspot web store.

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4.  Macintosh G4 with 512MB RAM and 700MB free disk space.

About Microspot.   Founded in 1964, Microspot develops and markets applications for 3D modeling and animation, interior design, 2D drawing and drafting, image editing, and media management as well printer drivers.

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Worldwide Headquarters: Microspot Limited, Concorde House, 10-12 London Road, Maidstone, Kent ME16 8QA, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1622 687771; Fax +44 (0) 1622 690801; Email:

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