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Flags of the World Clip Art
Great for Posters, Invitations, cards and Web or Game Icons and Buttons

What can these library items do for you?

The Flags of the World graphics library is the perfect resource for all the clip art graphic content you need to create your cards, posters, invitations and personal documents. Including over 200 unique flags for the different countries of the world, not only that but with 3 different styles the library has many uses. With the different styles included in this library you can use the flags as icons, buttons and graphics for web, game and any other interactive content.

Benefits & Features

  • Over 200 Individual flags of the world.
  • 3 Unique styles of graphics, making the items usable with different content.
  • Use the graphics as clip art, buttons, icons and more.
  • Items are cataloged for easy navigation
  • Drag and drop the clip graphics into your documents
  • Fully scalable, vector drawn and editable clip art graphics.
  • Search for items using the find feature.

Users of OSX 10.6 and above can also enjoy:

  • The library application in the applications folder to use the clip art graphics with any Mac OSX application
  • Export to Illustrator, PDF and other image formats.
  • Store your favourite items in their own section
  • Control the preview thumbnail size with the zoom slider.
  • Take advantage of Lion’s full screen app feature.

It's whats inside that counts

The images below are a small example of what is available in the Flags of the World library. Why not take a look and see if anything takes your interest.

seasonal graphics

flag icons

Drag and drop libraries

Drag and drop the items in this library using the Library palette in MacDraft. This palette gives you a single place where all of the libraries are stored making it much easier and faster for you to find what you need and produce your drawings.

You can even use the search feature in the library palette to help you find those items you really need to use. This can save you those valuable minutes which all add up.

All items are editable

All of the items in this library pack are editable. This allows you to change them how you please and using the library palette you can then store your own items in a custom library. This means that the items you get in this pack could soon turn into double even triple the number as you begin to customize them.

flag iconsLibrary App for 10.6 users and above:

As mentioned above the user of OSX 10.6 and above that purchase the Flags of the World Clip Art will also get a Library Catalog App. This application is installed into your applications folder and allows you to use the clip art graphics with any Mac OSX application.

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Flags of the World





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