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  • What is the difference between PC Draft PE and PC Draft?

    Click here to view the comparison chart.

    Will PC Draft PE open files saved in MacDraft PE?

    Yes PC Draft PE and MacDraft PE save files in the same format.

    Can PC Draft PE open my AutoCAD files ?

    No PC Draft PE does not have support for AutoCAD files, this is a feature available in PC Draft.

    When installing my PC Draft PE download I get error message "Error 1311 Source File Not Found:" why is this?

    This happens because you are trying to install the software from within the .zip file PC Draft PE was downloaded in. You need to uncompress the install files first.




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    System Requirements:

    Operating System:

    Windows 95 or higher

    Memory (RAM):

    6MB Free Ram

    Free hard disk space:

    10 MB

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