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“I think, there is a place in every pencil-drawing-professional's toolbox for Mac/PC Draft.”

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Stephen Cheek

Stephen Cheek - Floor Plan Software

I think, there is a place in every pencil-drawing-professional's toolbox for Mac/PC Draft. I graduated with a degree landscape architecture in 1973. I am also an author, and CNC enthusiast. I have used PCDraft and MacDraft in all areas of my career since 1988. There is very little that I have not designed with these programs. Architecturally: The ease of using the program for graphics and illustrations is unmatched, also it is so accurate. The beauty of the program is that you do not feel constrained to the keyboard for functions for every move but you can actually use the program like a drawing board. All the features are easy to use and at your finger tips. Anyone can pick it up in 20 minutes and be drawing. I have used many 2D/CAD programs but this one is by far the easiest and best. CNC: Let's talk technical. I designed and built my own CNC ((computerized numeric control) machinery. From the beginning to the end I drew every single part and calculated my build. Without Mac/PCDraft I could not have echieved this with the ease that I did. The program performed for me as a 3rd arm would have. I used it for everything. Fortunately, after the CNC build, I still use the program in all my final designs, which have to be so accurate and then converted to .dxf files for further CAM and G-Coding. The program does the job great and I have never had a problem designing in one layer or 10 layers. For 2D-CNC design this program works. Author: I have written several children books and two novels. In both areas, I was able to utilize the Mac/PCDraft programs for preliminary drawings to give to illustrators for pictures within the book or covers for editor edits. Conclusion: I think, there is a place in every pencil-drawing-professional's toolbox for Mac/PC Draft. It may not be the final application they may need to use, but if they have it, it will be the first one they reach for in that initial design, that brain storm, when ease and speed counts. It will become a vital extension to anyone who uses it and I guarantee it to explode their work to a better and more professional look. thumbnail 2 summary
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