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Black Friday Event - 2021

Starts on the 22nd Nov 2021

The Quick & Easy Black Friday Buying Guide

Get a step ahead of everybody else this year and checkout our essential tips and tricks for making the most out of Black Friday. Whether you know what your looking for or plan to just browse on the day we all know that some stores can be a total nightmare!

Please make sure that you stay safe and protected at all times during the Black Friday sales. If you are able to go out to the stores, please follow your local guidelines and restrictions to help protect yourself and those around you.

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Write Notes

Write down a list of things you are looking for on Black Friday. Include the store name and if you’ve purchased from them before, you could even note the department it will be in. This year will no doubt be primarily online, so keep your eye out for some early deals, maybe note down the start date of some Black Friday offers you want.

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Protect yourself!

It’s November, so with the cold setting in make sure you wrap up? With the current global pandemic its important to note that if you are able to go to the stores, you should try and keep yourself and those around you safe and protected at all times. Follow local guidlelines with respect to face masks, social distancing and travel restrictions.

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Charge Up

Whether you are able to go to the stores or decide to shop from the comfort of your own home, your devices are important. Just imagine you have that great deal in your basket and all of a sudden your battery dies.... how frustrating. So make sure all your devices are charged fully.

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Pack Supplies

Shopping can be thirsty work and if you are able to go out to the stores why not take some food with you. This will mean you won’t have to worry about those busy queues for food. We’re not saying pack the whole fridge, but make sure you take enough water and food to last the day!


Optimistic queuers tried their luck at walmart and gamestop for a PS5, queuing in the cold for hours only to find that the PS5 was still out of stock in many stores. 

Last year saw a huge backlog of orders for… Pizza ovens! With companies having to put up month long wait times for stock, pandemic pizza anyone? 

Year on year Black Friday also sees the biggest amount of email unsubscribers. With companies all around the world trying to give you discounts and offers I’m sure you will find some very obscure or potentially embarrassing promotions you might have signed up for appearing in your inbox around now! 

The Facts - Plan your attack for Black Friday 2021

The Black Friday rush of previous years has helped to establish it as one of the most popular shopping days of the year and Black Friday 2020 looks to be bigger and better.

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What is Black Friday?
Black Friday was originally a term used in the early 50s for the day after thanksgiving where workers would call in sick to work after stuffing themselves with Turkey and claiming a 4 day weekend. Roll forward 65 years and we are still calling in sick to work in late November, but not for turkey, instead it’s for a UHD Plasma TVs and a sweet gaming chair.

Black Friday has turned into a shopping holiday around the world due to its popularity in the USA and marks the unofficial first day of the christmas shopping period.

The biggest factor to influence black friday shoppers in 2020 was shipping with 49% of consumers questioned prioritising it over cost (29%) and free gifts (17%)! It is also estimated that 24% of all black friday purchases online were made at Amazon.com with the most searched for item being.. LEGO!

When is Black Friday?
Black Friday is the first day after the thanksgiving holiday in the US. This means that you need to put a mark on the calendar or stick a posted note on the fridge to mark Friday the 26th of November 2021 as the day to grab this years best Black Friday offers and deals.

How to get the best deals this Black Friday
Below is a checklist you can use when trying to bag that all important deal.

  • Read online reviews and make sure it’s your dream product.
  • Is your intended store the cheapest? You might find that a rival shop is cheaper.
  • Find out if the store you’re purchasing from have a refunds and returns policy.
  • Can you reserve a product to save you getting there early?
  • Stay at home, a lot of deals these days are found online too!
  • Some companies like Amazon price match other stores.
  • Use compare sites, they’re a great help!
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