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Seasonal Clipart Add-On

Vibrant & colorful clipart for seasonal periods

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  • Halloween | Contains over 40 graphics

  • April Fools | Contains 12 graphics

  • Christmas | Contains over 100 graphics

  • Easter | Contains over 70 graphics

  • Fathers Day | Contains over 20 graphics

  • Independence Day | Contains over 30 graphics

  • New Years | Contains over 20 graphics

  • Summer | Contains over 40 graphics

  • Valentines | Contains over 50 graphics

Seasonal Clipart for Leaflets, Invitations, Cards & Masks

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Garden Plan

Why choose Seasonal Clipart?

Precise Lines

Includes Over 500 Symbols

Precise Lines

Vector Drawn Symbols

Precise Lines

Use with Any Mac OSX App

Precise Lines

Saves You Hours of Work

Precise Lines

Fully Editable

Precise Lines

Perfect MacDraft Add-On

Learning & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit and customize all of the graphics in Seasonal Clipart and save them as my own?
YES, you can edit all of the symbols either by using MacDraft or Adobe Illustrator. You can then save your own versions.
If I wanted to purchase 3 copies for my home, is there a discount available?
YES, if you purchase the Family Pack you will get 3 licenses for the product and will recieve a 10% discount.
What file formats are the graphics available in? Can I export different versions of the clipart?
What is the Seasonal Clipart Add-On and who is it for?
What applications can I use these graphics with? Are they compatible with other products.
You can use these graphics with Microspot MacDraft, Adobe Illustrator and almost any Mac OSX application.
Do you offer training for your products, if so how much does it cost and can it be done over the internet?

Home Plan Graphics Add-On

Available as a digital download. Should you require a CD you can contact us directly for availability.

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