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MacDraft Pro 8 Home & Garden - 2D CAD Software for Mac
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Exclusive Content: Includes over 1100 CAD vector symbols

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What’s included in MacDraft Pro Home & Garden?

MacDraft Pro Icon

MacDraft Pro 8 Application

2D CAD app that makes floor plan design, garden layout, architectural drawing and engineering layout easy on the Mac. With a fully scaled drawing environment, create precise and professional 2D drawings in moments. With MacDraft Pro, an easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive drawing solution.

MacDraft Pro Home and Garden
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Over 400 Home Plan Symbols

Vibrant and colorful vector drawn symbols in 12 categories, for creating floor plans quickly and easily. Drag the symbols from the library into your document. This will save you hours and hours of drawing time and help inspire you to create vibrant and colorful floor plans in a matter of minutes.

MacDraft Pro Home Symbols
MacDraft Pro Icon

Over 750 Garden Plan Symbols

Vibrant and colorful vector drawn garden graphics for creating garden and landscaping plans. Whether you’re looking to start a new landscaping project; or thinking of adding some new furniture or plants; the Garden Plan Graphics content is your perfect companion with MacDraft Pro.

MacDraft Pro Garden Symbols

What is MacDraft Pro Home and Garden and who is it for?

MacDraft Pro Color Floor Plan
MacDraft Pro Garden Plan
MacDraft Pro Engineering
acDraft Pro Complex Plan
MacDraft Pro Elevation
MMacDraft Pro Simple Plan
MacDraft Pro Exploded View
MacDraft Pro Electronic
MacDraft Pro Technical Illustration

Over 1100 symbols, with an integrated Library system.

MacDraft Library

Benefits of choosing MacDraft Pro Home and Garden for all your 2D CAD Drawing needs.

Powerful options for perfecting your drawings.

The collection of powerful and flexible drawing options lets you edit the parts of your drawings in any way you want.

Pinpoint accuracy with smart systems.

Combining a fully scaled environment, smart unit systems, layers and guides, gives you full control with precision.

Built for macOS. Powered by the latest technologies

MacDraft boasts incredible power with its highly sophisticated and precise drawing engine, built for macOS.

Flexible and easy to use tools and options.

Dynamic features, tools and options available to you. These will provide a smooth and fast design experience.

Intuitive workflow, making it quick to learn.

Get a personalized experience and take control of how your interface looks and the settings you prefer.

No subscriptions. A full lifetime license.

When you purchase a Microspot product you’re paying a one-off cost for the licenses you have purchased.

Free help and support to all registered users.

Microspot offers free technical support to all of its registered users, giving you access to a host of helpul resources.

Multi-license and educational discounts.

We offer flexible and affordable license options for single user, multi-user and educational license purchases.

Highly rated and trusted by industry leaders.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, Microspot has been a trusted and highly-rated provider of 2D CAD products for over 30 years.

For Architects and Construction Services.

Designed for architects, planners and construction services, with tools, features and options for any project size.

For Engineers and CAD Professionals

Designed for engineering and technical layouts, with a host of precision tools for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

For Students, Hobbyists and Home Planning

The prefect place to begin your 2D CAD journey. Harness and mature your skills and creativity with MacDraft.

Key Features & Options

Apple M1 Compatible

MacDraft M1 Compatible

Layered Documents

MacDraft Layers

Intuitive Vector Tools

MacDraft Tool

Fully Scaled Drawings

MacDraft Scales

Precise Dimensions

MacDraft Dimensions

DWG & DXF Support

MacDraft DWG

Symbol Libraries

MacDraft Library

Get started quickly with 100’s of built-in templates

MacDraft Templates

Fully scaled drawing environment for architectural and floor plan design

  • MacDraft Complex Plan
  • MacDraft House Elevation
  • MacDraft Basic Plan
  • MacDraft Color Plan
MacDraft Screen

Fast and easy dimensions

Fully scaled drawing system, powered by smart units

MacDraft Screen

Smart snap and alignment control

MacDraft Text Flow

Pinpoint accuracy with smart systems for engineering and technical layouts

  • MacDraft Engineering
  • MacDraft Circuit Diagram
  • MacDraft Exploded Diagram
  • MacDraft Engine Cutaway
MacDraft Screen

DWG support

MacDraft Screen

Layer scaling

MacDraft Text Flow

Gorgeous garden and landscape designs, with built-in symbols

MacDraft Screen

Export as PDF

1000’s of pre-drawn library items

MacDraft PDF Preview
MacDraft PDF Icon

Informative site plans using traditional drawing methods

  • MacDraft Copmplex Plan
  • MacDraft Elevation
  • MacDraft Basic Plan

Advanced Duplication

MacDraft Screen
MacDraft Screen

Object info and reporting

Design stunning illustrations and layouts with dynamic shapes and text

  • MacDraft Engineering Layout
  • MacDraft Circuit Diagram
  • MacDraft Exploded Diagram
  • MacDraft Engine Cutaway

Familiar curves, shapes and vector drawings tools

MacDraft Screen
MacDraft Screen

Advanced shape creation with Add, Remove and Cutting

Text, font and flow management

MacDraft Text Flow

Create your own scalable colors, patterns and gradients

MacDraft PDF Icon
MacDraft Screen

Unlimited swatches

Pattern Editor

The pixel pattern editor boast a range of options for creating pixel perfect, scalable patterns. Use colors or create traditional CAD materials from floors and walls to metals and liquids. You can also paste an image from an outside source into the editor to create more complex patterns.

MacDraft PDF Preview

Customize your workflow for a personalized experience

  • MacDraft Screen
  • MacDraft Screen
  • MacDraft Screen

Industry-leaders love MacDraft and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

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