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  • Hewlett Packard :

    DesignJet 100 Series
    DesignJet 100 24-inch
    DesignJet 110 24-inch
    DesignJet 120 24-inch

    DesignJet 200 Series
    DesignJet 200 24-inch
    DesignJet 200 36-inch
    DesignJet 220 24-inch
    DesignJet 220 36-inch
    DesignJet 230 24-inch
    DesignJet 230 36-inch
    DesignJet 250C 24-inch
    DesignJet 250C 36-inch
    DesignJet 300 Series
    DesignJet 300 24-inch
    DesignJet 300 36-inch
    DesignJet 330 24-inch
    DesignJet 330 36-inch
    DesignJet 350C 24-inch
    DesignJet 350C 36-inch
    DesignJet 400 Series
    DesignJet 430 24-inch
    DesignJet 430 36-inch
    DesignJet 450C 24-inch
    DesignJet 450C 36-inch
    DesignJet 455CA 24-inch
    (via USB-to-Parallel)
    DesignJet 455CA 36-inch
    (via USB-to-Parallel)
    DesignJet 488CA 24-inch
    (via USB-to-Parallel)
    DesignJet 488CA 36-inch
    (via USB-to-Parallel)
    DesignJet 500 Series
    DesignJet 500 + HPGL/2 Card 24-inch
    DesignJet 500 + HPGL/2 Card 42-inch
    DesignJet 500PS + HPGL/2 Card 24-inch
    DesignJet 500PS + HPGL/2 Card 42-inch
    DesignJet 600 Series
    DesignJet 600 24-inch
    DesignJet 600 36-inch
    DesignJet 700 Series
    DesignJet 700 24-inch
    DesignJet 700 36-inch
    DesignJet 750C 24-inch
    DesignJet 750C 36-inch
    DesignJet 750C+ 24-inch
    DesignJet 750C+ 36-inch
    DesignJet 755CM 24-inch
    (via USB-to-Parallel)
    DesignJet 755CM 36-inch
    (via USB-to-Parallel)
    DesignJet 800 Series
    DesignJet 800 24-inch
    DesignJet 800 42-inch
    DesignJet 800PS 24-inch
    DesignJet 800PS 42-inch
    DesignJet 1000 Series
    DesignJet 1050C 36-inch
    DesignJet 1050C+ 36-inch
    DesignJet 1050CM 36-inch
    DesignJet 1050CM+ 36-inch
    DesignJet 2000 Series
    DesignJet 2000CP 36-inch
    DesignJet 2500CP 36-inch
    DesignJet 3000 Series
    DesignJet 3000CP 54-inch
    DesignJet 3500CP 54-inch
    DesignJet 5000 Series
    DesignJet 5000 42-inch
    DesignJet 5000 60-inch
    DesignJet 5000UV 42-inch
    DesignJet 5000UV 60-inch
    DesignJet 5000PS 42-inch
    DesignJet 5000PS 60-inch
    DesignJet 5000PSUV 42-inch
    DesignJet 5000PSUV 60-inch
    DesignJet 5500 42-inch
    DesignJet 5500 60-inch
    DesignJet 5500UV 42-inch
    DesignJet 5500UV 60-inch
    DesignJet 5500PS 42-inch
    DesignJet 5500PS 60-inch
    DesignJet 5500PSUV 42-inch
    DesignJet 5500PSUV 60-inch

    Chroma 24
    Chroma 24 24-inch
    T-200 36-inch
    CadJET Series
    CadJET 3D 36-inch
    CadJET I 24-inch
    CadJET I 36-inch
    CadJET II 24-inch
    CadJET II 36-inch

    NovaJET Series:

    NovaJET I 24-inch
    NovaJET I 36-inch
    NovaJET II 24-inch
    NovaJET II 36-inch
    NovaJET III 24-inch
    NovaJET III 36-inch
    NovaJET 4 24-inch
    NovaJET 4 36-inch
    NovaJET 630 42-inch
    NovaJET 630 60-inch
    NovaJET 700 42-inch
    NovaJET 700 60-inch
    NovaJET 840 24-inch
    NovaJET 840 36-inch
    NovaJET 850 42-inch
    NovaJET 850 60-inch
    NovaJET PRO600e 42-inch
    NovaJET PRO600e 60-inch
    NovaJET PRO 36-inch
    NovaJET PROe 42-inch
    NovaJET PROe 60-inch


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    System Requirements:

    Operating System:

    Macintosh OS X 10.2 or higher


    Power Mac G3 with 450MHz or higher

    Memory (RAM):

    128 MB

    Free hard disk space:

    520 MB

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