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No Subscriptions

No monthly commitments or hidden costs. One-off purchase price for each product version, without subscriptions.

Why is a one-off price better?

Keep working

With one-off price licenses, you’ll not have to worry about server status, internet connections or external web links to keep your product working. Keep working anywhere you are.

No monthly commitments

There’ll be no hidden costs or monthly commitments to worry about, when you’ve purchased a Microspot product license at a one-off purchase price.

Flexible pricing

With a one-off price structure we can offer flexibility in the products, number of licenses and packages we offer. Giving much higher discount rates, saving you money and time.

Our 2D CAD products

MacDraft Pro (Mac)

From $499 / machine

MacDraft PE (Mac)

From $129 / machine

PC Draft Pro (Win)

From $349 / machine

PC Draft PE (Win)

From $99 / machine

DWG Viewer (Mac)

From $49 / machine

Frequently asked questions about products

How do I compare your products?

Can I open, edit and save DWG files?

Can I try products for free, before I buy?

Is MacDraft M1 compatible?

Where can I get technical support?

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