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Intuitive and powerful features, using the latest technologies

Design with confidence and start your 2D CAD journey now! An in-depth look at all the features MacDraft Pro has to offer.

What’s new in MacDraft 8.0

Version 8.0

Apple Silicon Support

Version 8.0

Improved Interface

Version 8.0

Increased Drawing Size

Version 8.0

Custom Workflow

Version 8.0

Text Flow

Version 8.0

Spell Check

Version 8.0

Export PDF

Version 8.0

New Library System

Version 8.0

Trim Arcs & Curves

Version 8.0

Extend Arcs

Version 8.0


Version 8.0

Custom Line Thickness

Version 8.0

Swatch Panel

Version 8.0

French Localization

Version 8.0

Superscript & Subscript

Version 8.0.1

macOS Ventura

Version 8.0.1

‘Extended’ Pen Style

Version 8.0.1

Print the Grid

Version 8.0.1

New Tool Bar Items

Version 8.0.2


macOS Sonoma

Version 8.0.2


Automatic Updates

Version 8.0.2


Measure Tool

Version 8.0.2


Zoom Shortcuts

Version 8.0.2


DWG & DXF Scales

Version 8.0.2


Library Preview Images

Version 8.0.2


Dual Monitors

Version 8.0.2


PDF Quality & Precision

Key Features & Options

Apple M1 Compatible

MacDraft New Document

Layered Documents

MacDraft New Document

Intuitive Vector Tools

MacDraft New Document

Fully Scaled Drawings

MacDraft New Document

Precise Dimensions

MacDraft New Document

DWG & DXF Support

MacDraft New Document

Symbol Libraries

MacDraft New Document

Explore all Features

User Experience & Design Process

Document Tabs

Unified Single Window

Traditional Palettes

Customize Workflow



Symbol Libraries


Autosave, 4K & Full Screen

64 Bit Compatible

Side Car & Apple Pencil

Apple Silicon Support

2D Drawing & Annotation Tools

Drawing Tools

Advanced Tools

Wall (Parallel Line) Tools

Arc & Curve Tools

Dimension Tools

Add & Subtract

End Marks

Line Styles

Linking & Unlinking


Edit Datum

Non-Destructive Images

Productivity & Document Management

Smart Scales & Units


Grids & Page Markers

Drawing Size

Smart Selection

Data & Object Info


Load Layer

Advanced Move





Swatch Management


Document Guides


Save View

Saving, Exporting & Sharing


Document Printing

Text Options & Formatting

Fonts, Styles & Options

Vector Text

Clipped Text

Text Flow

Superscript & Subscript

Spell Check

Compatibility & File Formats


Vector PDF & Images


Symbol Libraries

Report CSV Files

MacDraft Documents

Customization, System Requirements & Licensing

Custom UI Elements


Custom Toolbar

Single Unified Screen

Floating Palettes

Perpetual License


Education Licensing

System Requirements

Built for macOS. Powered by the latest Mac technologies

64-Bit Application

Gives the full power of your machine and is fully compatible with future operating systems.

M1 & M2 Compatibility

MacDraft Pro runs natively on Macs powered by the Apple Silicon chips, for powerful performance.

Built with Swift

An image processing and analysis technology that provides high-performance processing.

Block GCD

A technology used to optimize application support for systems with multi-core processors.

Swift UI

The application UI has been written on latest Swift v4 code for use of modern technologies.

Color Sync

A platform-independent color management system provided by the Apple system.

Core Image

Swift is a robust and intuitive programming language, built for reliability and efficiency.

Core Graphics

Based on the Quartz advanced engine, providing low-level, lightweight 2D rendering.

Core Text

A framework that provides modern, low-level programming for laying out and handling text.

Auto Layout

Technology for automatically adapting to different screen sizes and orientations.

Image I/O

Programming framework that allows applications to read and write most image formats.


A framework that allows users to browse, edit, and save images, using Core Image filters.


A quick preview feature that allows you to view the content of a document without opening.

Dark/Light Mode

Integrating MacDraft with the System for changing between a light and dark interface layout.

Auto Save

Automatically saving open documents to preserve user data and protect against data loss.

Industry-leaders love MacDraft and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

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MacDraft Pro

Choose your perfect MacDraft Pro

Professional 2D CAD software for architectural, engineering, mechanical and construction design on the Mac. With flexible and intuitive 2D CAD toolsets, a fully scaled environment, precise dimensioning and more, MacDraft Pro has all the tools needed for individuals, businesses and educators to produce 2D CAD drawings in minutes.

MacDraft Pro Home/Garden

Professional 2D CAD software bundle that is designed for creating vibrant, stylish and complex interior, garden, landscape and hospitality plans on the Mac.
Includes all the features of MacDraft Pro plus over 1100 vector symbols.

MacDraft Pro Application

MacDraft Pro Starter

Perfect 2D CAD software bundle to get started with MacDraft Pro for complex plans, mechanical, architectural, electrical layout drawings on the Mac.
Includes all the features of MacDraft Pro plus over 3500 vector symbols.

MacDraft Pro Application

MacDraft Pro Complete

A complete all-in-one 2D CAD bundle for Mac, designed for all 2D drafting/design needs for architectural, construction, engineering, interior and exterior design.
Includes all the features of MacDraft Pro plus over 7500 vector symbols.

MacDraft Pro Application
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