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What’s New in MacDraft Professional 8?

Apple M1 Full Support

Improved Interface

Increased Drawing Size

Custom Workflow

Text Flow Between Text Boxes

Export PDF

New Library System

Trim Arcs & Curves

Extend Arcs

Custom Line Thickness

New Document Wizard

Swatch Panel

macOS Ventura - MacDraft 8.0.1 is fully compatible with the latest OS.

MacDraft Text Flow

‘Extended’ Pen Style


Print the Grid


New Toolbar Items


Automatic Updates


Measure Tool


macOS Sonoma

MacDraft New Document

More improvements

MacDraft French Localisation

French Localisation

With the help of a native speaking French technical team, we have fully localised the MacDraft application to French. Please note: PDF and online documentation and support is still only available in English at this time.

MacDraft Superscript

Superscript & Subscript

Turn your text into Superscript and Subscript quickly and easily using the Text Transformations menu item. You can also control the size of your superscript and subscript text in the same way as any other text element. This brings more control to your MacDraft text elements.

MacDraft Document

Improved Spell Check

You can now check the spelling across the whole document using the built-in Show Spelling and Grammar panel. This will make it easier and quicker for you to correct any text issues in your documents and give you the confidence that your designs are ready for sharing.

MacDraft Folder Structure

Library Folder Structure

We realised it was difficult to locate specific libraries and their items in the previous Library, so now as part of the Library system redesign we have implemented a folder structure which will reflect the folders that are stored in the Finder and the libraries that are in them.

MacDraft Dimenions

Snap Improvements

When using the parallel line objects you can now link the dimensions to the inside, center or outside. This means that you can choose to work with internal or external measurements and easily update the your objects. Dimensions will also snap to the linked points.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Moved Alignment Tools


To clean up the interface and help speed up your workflow, we have moved the Alignment tools to the Properties panel. This allows more space for the Tools on the left and gives you access to the Alignment tools only when an object has been selected in the drawing.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Library Keyboard Shortcut


To make it faster and easier to access the Library panel we have added a keyboard shortcut. You can now press:
Command (Apple key) + Y
This will open the Library panel in its previous state and position at any time.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Layer Selection Improvements


The Layer Selection tool at the bottom the Layers panel is a great tool for helping you locate the layer a particular object is in. This is important in complex documents. Now the Layer Selection tool will select the object as well as make the layer active.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Zoom Shortcuts


You can now control the zooming in and out of your drawing using the Command + and Command - keyboard shortcuts, giving you a more familiar way of zooming.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

DWG Scales


We have made some improvements to the way that scales are read and displayed when opening your AutoCAD DWG and DXF files. The correct scale will now be displayed when working with custom scales.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Library Preview Image


The preview image created for your library items has been improved. Text now displays correctly, the quality of the image has been improved up to 2 times and the content displays correctly when scaled and zoomed.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

PDF Quality & Precision


When exporting your PDF documents we have improved the way that the content is displayed, giving you a more accurate and precise vector representation of your drawings. This means that when sharing your files, you have the confidence that your PDF contains all the correct content.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Dual Monitors


We have included some important improvements to dual monitor compatibility. You can now use additional monitors to display your palettes when using palette mode and MacDraft will remember.

MacDraft Bug Fixing

Bug Fixing


In addition to the new features and improvements, we’ve been working hard to get rid of those pesky bugs. We’ve also taken the time to refine the speed and efficiency of reading and handling MacDraft, DWG, DXF and image content, making this MacDraft the fastest yet.

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