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If you are searching for interior design computer programs for Mac, look no further. Microspot Interiors provides all the power and yet simple solutions for professionals and novices alike.

Interior Design Software for Mac

Microspot Interiors is one of the few applications of its type that appeals to both the seasoned professional and the home user. If you are looking for interior design computer programs for Mac, have a look at our award-winning software. Interiors is a powerful, easy, and cost-effective way to create accurate visualizations of rooms before they are actually renovated, furnished or decorated. Check out our gallery for some examples.

3D rendering programs for mac

Powerful and yet easy to use

Use our advanced drawing tools to layout the shape of your room, floors or ceilings. Add windows, paint, texture, or furniture by simply dragging the furniture you require and dropping it in the room. Spaces can be as large, complex, intimate or simple as the user dictates. Scales, ceiling heights, the number of squares on the grid and the snapping distance are also simple to control.

3d rendering programs for mac

3D Interior design computer programs for Mac

Export a hi-resolution rendered image or create a walk through movie! The latest version has been fine-tuned under the hood to give you the fastest Interiors yet. The Microspot renderer is now multi-processor aware so if you have more than one or a dual-core processor the renderer will take advantage and use them all, the result, rendering times are slashed. Interiors makes it simple for even the 3D novice to quickly produce impressive results.

Look for more in-depth details about creating home designs with Microspot products on our products page.
Look for more in-depth details about our interior design software on our Interiors Professional product page.
We also offer Interiors, which offers many of the same features as the professional version.

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