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    Architectural Design and Drafting Software

    Microspot delivers CAD design software for Mac with MacDraft Professional for home and engineering designs, technical illustrations and more. Microspot also offers MacDraft Personal Edition, while PCDraft and PCDraft Personal Edition are available for the Windows platform.

    cad design software

    The Power of CAD Drafting Software

    Microspot MacDraft Professional offers the power of CAD design software at a fraction of the cost of most other professional applications. Users of all levels, including beginners, can now create home and engineering designs, technical illustrations and more with ease. MacDraft offers a full complement of drawing tools as well as both ANSI and international standard dimensioning capabilities.

    Its multilayered, scaled drawing environment supports both feet/inches and metric dimensions. Perfect for producing simple sketches or complex drawings, Microspot MacDraft is excellent for mechanical, architectural and engineering design, as well as for technical illustration. MacDraft delivers a full complement of drawing tools, dimensioning, a symbol library, full color support, slide show functions, and more.

    dxf viewer for mac

    Microspot DWG Viewer

    Microspot DWG Viewer is a product based on Microspot MacDraft Professional which enables AutoCAD files produced on a PC to be opened and viewed on Apple Macintosh Computers. Navigate, mark-up and annotate. The Tool palette offers a full complement of tools. Users can easily navigate through their DWG and DXF files via the zoom and hand tools, red mark-up can be added using the ellipse tool and annotation with yellow background can be inserted using the text tool.

    For more in-depth details about our CAD design software, check out MacDraft Pro or MacDraft PE, the personal edition.
    For the Windows platform, have a look at PC Draft and PCDraft PE.
    For more information about the Microspot DWG Viewer, have a look here.

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    System Requirements:

    Operating System:

    Macintosh OS X 10.4 or higher


    Power Mac G4 or higher

    Memory (RAM):

    1024 MB

    Free hard disk space:

    350 MB

    Minimum Screen Resolution:

    1024 x 768